Saturday, September 6th, 2020 – Gathering Update

Gov. Murphy signed Executive Order 183 into Effect on September 1st

Phase 1 Reopening

Effective August 9th

Minimal Music Has Been Added

Sunday Morning Precautions and Requirements

  • In-Person Service time of 10:15 AM
    • The message will begin at 10:20 AM but we ask that you arrive 10-15 mins prior so as to allow time to get people in and settled before the service begins
  • Congregational Singing
    • We have begun adding music back to our services beginning at 10:20 AM. Currently, we are doing 2 songs at a time to evaluate its effects. As we see continued safety we will work towards a full set.
  • Live Stream at 10:25 AM
    • We will continue to live stream our services indefinitely moving forward. If you are sick or unable to attend the service, we invite you to join us through our live stream as we have been doing the past 4 months at hydewood.org/live
  • Single Entry Point
    • Enter and leave through Main Sanctuary doors We will not be using our usual gathering area in the back of the Chapel so as to limit gatherings and additional areas that need sanitizing
  • Temperature Scan
    • We will be scanning for fevers at the main entrance of the building
    • If you have a fever or are feeling sick we ask that you stay home out of love for your fellow brothers and sisters and join us for the live stream at 10:25 AM
  • Face Masks To Be Worn Inside
    • State law requires that masks be worn at all times while gathering unless a medical condition would be worsened by doing so.
    • If you do not have a face mask one will be provided for you upon arrival when you enter the building
  • Practice Social Distancing
    • State law still requires 6ft of social distancing when gathering in groups, this includes while seated. The Sanctuary will be marked with properly distanced seating options to make it easier to settle in for the service
    • We ask all individuals/families that attend our in-person worship service to show respect for others by doing your best to remain 6ft away from people not in your immediate family
  • Hand-Cleaning Stations
    • Hand sanitizer stations will be located at the entrance of the building as well as in the bathrooms in encourage sanitizing and a touchless environment
  • Post-Service Dismissal
    • We ask that following the conclusion of the service that people exit starting from the back of the Sanctuary first to help maintain proper social distancing

Service Limitations/Temporary Alterations

  • No Adult Sunday School
    • We normally do not have Sunday School during the Summer Months and we are keeping with that structure during Phase 1 of reopening
  • No Children’s Classes
    • We ask that parents plan accordingly to have their children with them during the service. A designated area will be marked for parents to step out of the Main Sanctuary and care for a child in need
  • No Offering Plates
    • To prevent the potential spread of any germs through contact, we will not be passing offering plates as usual but rather will have 2 Offering Boxes located in the main Entrance/Exit way where offerings can be dropped off
  • Non-Standard Communion
    • To prevent the potential spread of any germs through contact, we will not be passing Communion Elements as usual. Communion Sundays will be announced 2 weeks prior and we encourage attendees to bring elements from home
    • Additionally, we are working on sourcing pre-packaged and sealed communion elements as an alternative if attendees do not or unable to bring elements from home
    • More information about Communion can be found at Hydewood.org/Communion
  • No Post-Service Coffee or Snacks
    • The coffee and snacks that are typically enjoyed and encouraged for fellowship following the morning service will be suspended during Phase 1
  • No Post-Service Indoor Fellowship Hour
    • In an effort to limit exposure and maintain proper social distancing protocol we will not be opening the back of the Chapel for our normal post service Fellowship Hour
    • We do however encourage fellowshipping outside while maintaining proper social distancing measures
  • No Weekly In-Person Prayer Meeting
    • We will continue to gather online during Phase 1 for Prayer Meeting