Important Church Update

Good Morning Hydewood Family,

I am sending this email regarding some very exciting but time-sensitive
information regarding our ongoing hunt for a new location for our
Church. On Sunday evening I found a listing that had only been posted a
few days earlier, which I have included for your review and at the
bottom of this email, for a Church building that was put on the market
in Dunellen. The building is located 12 minutes from our current
location and has a huge amount of potential.

I sent the listing to Don Vollmer, the Chairman of the Board and the
following morning, Monday, we got in touch with the Realtor. Yesterday,
Tuesday, Don and I went on a walk through the building to see if it was
a viable option for our new home and if it was worth the investment.
Last night I met with Don Fry, the Treasurer, and Don Vollmer to discuss
what we saw at the property and decide if we thought it was worth
bringing to the Board and the Church to pursue and make an offer. We all
agreed that this is a HUGE opportunity for us and it ticks all the boxes
that we set out to fill 3 years ago. It is in very good condition. It
can seat up to 130 people in the main sanctuary, it has classrooms for
Sunday School, Small Groups, Prayer Meetings, and even a Nursery! It is
within the 5-mile radius we wanted to stay in. It fits our current size
as a Church and gives us room to grow as a congregation. Most
Importantly it would be our own place and we would once again be able to
settle in and dictate our own schedule and gatherings without having to
check dates and ask for permission to use the building.

Here’s why this email is so important. The selling church is having its
last showing today and has told all potential buyers that they need
offers in by this Friday, February 3rd. There will be no extensions on
the timeline as they will review the offers over the weekend and make a
decision on Monday. So we have between now and Friday to submit a formal
offer to be considered as buyers. Though this is extremely fast, a
72-hour turnaround from when we found it, did a walk-through, and are
being told we would have to submit an offer, we would still have the
time for an official inspection and would be able to back out if we
discovered something that would be a deal-breaker.

So what do we need of you as a Church? Tonight, we will be having a
meeting on WebEx and we are asking everyone that is able to join us.
Even if you are not a member we would love to have you as you are a part
of our family and this will affect us all. You do not need a computer,
as there is a dial-in number that can be used from a cell phone or
landline, and you do not need to turn on a camera if you would prefer
not to. But we are asking everyone to join us tonight so that we can
vote to empower the Board to pursue this listing and make an offer by
the required time on Friday. Again, if during the due diligence time
period we find something concerning we can still back out but if we are
serious about moving and taking advantage of this opportunity we need to
match their timeline.

I am sure this will raise many questions which we will have time to
discuss tonight with everyone who joins the meeting on WebEx. We are
excited that this could be the opportunity that we have been waiting
for, the door finally opening for our next step, and hope you all are

I can’t wait to see/hear you all tonight on WebEx as we discuss our
potential future together!

Pastor Joshua

Property Listing:
Meeting Link Tonight at 7:30:
Call In Number: Call 1-415-655-0001; Code: 126 166 45252