COVID-19 Update

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 – Hydewood Park Baptist Church Update 

As we continue to keep you informed on the actions that Hydewood is taking during the constant changes surrounding the COVID-19 Virus, we want to share with you an update. As previously stated, the health and safety of our congregation is our #1 priority. We continue to monitor the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and our Federal and State governments and base our actions on the provided information. If you are looking for information about all situations surrounding the virus, Star 99.1 has a great website that has gathered a lot of information in one place;

As of today, March 18th, Hydewood will be suspending all weekly services through the end of March.  However, we encourage you to join us Online on Sunday as Pastor Joshua will be live streaming the Morning Message at 10:25 am at We will continue to monitor the situation and make further decisions at the end of March regarding when we will return to regular gatherings.

We encourage you to join us online Sunday morning and ask that you continue to pray for not only our nation but the world as a whole. In these trying times, many are looking for answers and a sense of peace that only God can provide. May we listen to the words of Peter in 1 Peter 3:15 and be ready to give an account to anyone who asks about that hope that is within us, the very hope that can provide us peace in these uncertain times.

How to stay connected:

What you can do to help:

  • Pray for those who are dealing with this virus directly or indirectly
  • Wash your hands regularly and practice proper hygiene
  • Check out Star 99.1s webpage for a list of resources at

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

God Bless,

Pastor Joshua Fry