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Join us as we continue our walk from the Garden to the Cross in Week 5 of our series on Lent.

Romans 3:9-20, John 3:16-18, Romans 5:18-6:4


Brennan Manning

“Grace means that in the middle of our struggle the referee blows the whistle and announces the end of the game. We are declared winners and sent to the showers. It’s over for all huffing, puffing piety to earn God’s favor; it’s finished for all sweat-soaked straining to secure self-worth; it’s the end of all competitive scrambling to get ahead of others in the game. Grace means that God is on our side and thus we are victors regardless of how well we have played the game” (Brennan Manning, The Ragamuffin Gospel [Colorado Springs: Multnomah Press, 2000], 78).

Martin Luther

“I myself have been preaching and cultivating [faith in the one mediator] through reading and writing for almost twenty years and still feel the old clinging dirt of wanting to deal so with God that I may contribute something so that He will give me His grace in exchange for my holiness. Still I cannot get it into my head that I should surrender myself completely to sheer grace, yet I know that this is what I should and must do” (Martin Luther, Commentary on Galatians, quoted in Scotty Smith, “Surrender to Sheer Grace” [blog], The Gospel Coalition, August 14, 2008,


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